Present Age Ministries is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization committed to combating sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking of teen girls, with a focus on  prevention education and direct services for survivors. Our goal is to provide an environment and programs conducive to helping survivors heal and transition to independence.

Human trafficking has become a buzz word in our culture – and yet sadly the fight against it is an uphill battle. Many people see or hear about the issue of sex trafficking, or maybe they even know of an individual or young woman that is dealing with abuse and sexual exploitation, but are not sure of how to help or what to do.


Sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking isn’t just an issue that affects women.  The fight against sex slavery requires and demands that both men and women get involved and take action. We desire to provide knowledge and understanding of the realities within your community, as well as warning signs, common-language, statistics, and other pertinent information, participants can walk away aware and equipped to impact this traumatic form of child abuse. This training enables individual to recognize the signs and expose the victimization taking place while intervention can still happen.


Are you willing to join us in the fight?





If you suspect illegal activities are taking place, call the national hotline and the appropriate authorities will be contacted immediately.